Applications of cladded fittings manufactured by Crystal Industrial Syndicate

With almost 25 years of experience and being a part of several successful projects, Crystal Industrial is at present a leading supplier of butt-weld fittings in the approved fields.

The expert engineers from Crystal Industrial take great care in manufacturing advanced and safe equipment for complex processes, where the probability of risk is high.

You can get innovative products which are manufactured using cutting edge technology from Crystal Industrial; some such products are Cladded Fittings, Segment able Elbows, special and exotic alloys like Duplex, Super duplex, Titanium or Nickel-based Alloys.

Crystal Industrial, as a leading industrial equipment manufacturer has adopted the advanced connection technology, which saves both time and money, as the butt welding process ensures easy fit and hence user friendly devices. The butt welding process is now a popular name in the industrial market.

Be it the complex processes of nuclear and energy & chemicals or that of the oil fields, the products from Crystal Industrial are always preferred, as this company has a professional approach to provide high quality standard equipment, which are approved throughout the world.

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