Get advanced cladded fittings from Crystal Industrial at Ajman

The cladded fittings from Crystal Industrial are specialized piping arrangements which are used in the oil refineries of Ajman. These cladded fittings of Crystal Industrial are manufactured with low cost stainless steel pr carbon manganese steel and hence are affordable.

Besides being cheap, these materials provide durability and strength to the cladded fittings. The alloy with which these fittings are cladded are generally Hastelloy or Inconel, which enhances the corrosion and pressure resistance properties of the cladded fittings.

The cladded fittings used at Ajman oil refineries are manufactured following any of the two cladding processes; one is the weld overlay cladding process and the other is the explosion bonding process.

While in the weld overlay cladding process, the alloy is deposited over the base material, in the latter process, the tight bonding is created between the materials using explosion.

The cladded pipes are manufactured at Crystal Industrial using the weld overlay cladding process. This process has several advantages. The cladded pipes manufactured using this process is less prone to detachment under high pressure and temperature; which are the common factors of the Ajman oil industries. Moreover, you can customise the thickness of cladding in this process and hence can get customised cladded fittings from Crystal Industrial.

Last but not the least; you can use the weld overlay cladding process to clad various kinds of materials. Hence, now you can get cladded fittings of any material as per the unique process requirements of the Ajman petrochemical industries.

Hence, contact Crystal Industrial today and get customised cladded fittings at short turnaround time.

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