Stabilise investment with the durable cladded fittings from Crystal Industrial

The prime focus of the oil and gas industries of Abu Dhabi is stabilising the investment made in the industries. Plant operators of Abu Dhabi can turn this dream into reality with the use of expensive equipment for long period of time.

The cladded fittings manufactured at Crystal Industrial for the oil refineries of Abu Dhabi are low cost devices. These cladded fittings for the Abu Dhabi industries are low cost materials welded with alloys, like Hastelloy and Inconel. The use of low cost materials, like carbon and stainless steel for the manufacture of these cladded fittings make the devices affordable.

The process of cladding used at Crystal Industrial not only can be used to manufacture low cost cladded fittings but can also be used to weld the already corroded devices; hence now you need not trash the worn out equipment, you can just clad these devices for re-use.

Another great advantage of cladded fittings from Crystal Industrial is that you can determine the thickness of the fittings as per your need. Hence, the cladded fittings used at Abu Dhabi refineries are thick to the required degree and are also of desired dimensions.

Last but not the least; you are ensured of highest quality cladded fittings from Crystal Industrial. The expert engineers from this leading manufacturing house understand your specific requirements and provide suggestions to deliver world class cladded fittings at Abu Dhabi. Every cladded fittings is tested to ensure that this equipment is as per global standards.

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